Welcome to Soxer

Soxer is a web publishing platform.
It forms a very thin layer above Sinatra and aims to be fast, extensive, dynamic and easy to use.

The idea behind Soxer

Soxer is the exact opposite of the current CMS systems. In fact it's only 12.6 KB of Ruby code, sitting atop of Sinatra. Soxer is aimed at serving small to medium sized websites, which need all the flexibility and none of the clutter.

Soxer in short...


2012-10-19 at 10:03 CEST

Soxer is alive! Site redesign pending

Soxer site and most of it's sections are pending a complete overhaul.

2011-08-16 at 12:41 CEST

Soxer site down

We managed to loose all our LVM partitions due to failed Raid 6...

2011-05-22 at 01:44 CEST

0.9.13 in the making... Currently only at github

Current version has a set of minor bugs, but I had to wait for the big one...

2011-05-11 at 11:39 CEST

The completely bogus Zappa vs Sinatra test

I have recently been playing with V8 Javascript interpreter - if only because I really dislike JS's syntax. The reason was CoffeeScript, which is more palpable to me.

2011-04-30 at 02:48 CEST

Soxer WORKS again. New version release is 0.9.12

The previous bug was severe. It was impossible to upgrade to Sinatra 1.2.3.