Prerequisites and installation

Soxer is an interpreted piece of software. it needs several programs and tools to operate. The required list is kept at a minimum.

Stuff Soxer absolutely needs for operation


Interpreted scripting language, that has a unique humane syntax and can be less verbose than most other languages, while maintaining humane readability.
If you are using some form of unix, chances are there is a version of ruby in your OS repositories. If you cannot find it check the download section, or go for a heavy duty Ruby Enterprise Edition.


Packaging system for ruby. It will download and install everything (except Ruby and itself). Even though some distributions maintain some gems of some ruby programs in teri own repositories, you should avoid those. They are usually old and moldy.


A small, beautiful DSL built on Rack. Soxer operates as a set of helper methods to Sinatra, so you can not wear Sox without Ol’ Blue eyes.


A miniature super, blazing fast and rack-able web server.

Stuff YOU need to produce content


Haml is a ‘indentation functional’ form of markup, that converts to XML (or any form of HTML). Your views will be up to 40% smaller and you will have Markdown, Textile, Maruku and more at your fingertips.

SASS is the Logical CSS markup counterpart to HAML. It’s CSS on steroids.

Markdown, Textile, Maruku

These are contained in BlueCloth (Textile), RedCloth (Markdown) and maruku gems. They are all anti-markup tools for writing HTML without HTML. Use whichever you prefer. Using HAML as the glue, you can even use a combination of all of them in the same document.
The benefit is - good formatting, readability and speed of content creation.


After you have installed Ruby and RubyGems, you do this:

sudo gem install sinatra thin haml maruku RedCloth BlueCloth

You are now ready to setup your first Soxer project.